3D logo exercise modelling

The tutorial involved creating using nurb planes, edge loop tool, extruding tool, vertices and smooth tool to create the 3D logo from the reference images.
The homework that I have been given was to create 3D logo models by using the 2D image logos as references. The logos that I have been given was an Apple, Twitter and a Batman logo.
To create the following logos, I have used the nurbs plane to set the scale axis, I then set it to smooth and then hardware texturing and also in the “Hypershade”, I selected the lambert and then selected the logo file from there to place the logo on the nurbs plane. I have used the logo and the nurbs plane as a reference. The next thing I did was, I used the polygon cube, I then drawn the cube of the size of the logo. I then used “XRay” tool so I could see the shape of the logo. I used the “Insert Edge Loop Tool” to create lines within the cube, I have also used the “Vertex” and also the “Move Tool” to line the cube into the shape of the logo. After finishing the logo, I then used the smooth tool which is located in the “Mesh” drop down menu or by pressing the “3” key on the keyboard to smooth the logo. I have also created the layers for the logo.

Below are the following screenshots of the 3D logos:

Screenshot of an Apple logo


Screenshot of a Batman logo


Screenshot of a Twitter logo


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