Using texture for the Earth and applying ozone reflection

To create this planet Earth with an ozone reflection, I used a polygon sphere which is located in the “Polygons” tab, I have also switched “Hardware Texturing” on which is located in the “Shading” drop down menu. I then selected the sphere and clicked on the “Rending” tab and selected “Blinn Material”. I then used “Hypershade”, double clicked on “Blinn1” (the Blinn material that I have created), I then added an image file in the colour section. After adding an image file, I went back onto “Hypershade” clicked on the Blinn material and selected the “Attribute Editor”, I then added an ozone colour reflection in the “Specular Color” under the “Specular Shading”.  At first the “Specular Color” was a grey colour so I changed it to a light green colour to make the earth more realistic.

Below is a screenshot of the Earth with an ozone reflection:

Screenshot of the Earth

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