Second semester – group project

During the second semester, our group made a decision to create a detective horror game and named it as Subject To Change. Below are screenshots of the following objects that I have created:



Note v4 Picture frame 1

Picture frame 2 Picture frame 3

Earring Box with earring

Diary Key

Lamp 1 Lamp

Shoe print

Scary eyes in a box Scary eyes   Scary eyes 1

Scary ghost Scary ghost 1


Demon teeth

Vehicle Vehicle steering wheel Vehicle seat Vehicle seat 1

Vehicle mirror Vehicle light

Vehicle object

After I have created the 2 ghosts, my team leader told me they were too cartoony for our horror game. He then advised me to use Autodesk character generator, after generating many characters, I then animated all the ghosts as shown on the screenshots below:

Animate ghost character 4 Animate ghost character 6 Animate ghost character Animate ghost character 2

Demon in mudbox 3 Demon in mudbox 2 Demon with teeth





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